Madonna del Piattohistory

For 25 years I have owned with my family a beautiful farm atop a magical mountain in Umbria. The farm was named "Madonna del piatto" which was inspired by an old majolica plate found in the property when we bought it.

The plate represents a medieval lady (madonna) with lily flowers in her hands and pine cones in the background. Both plants symbolise enlightement and re-birth.

The farm is located in a place of intense beauty, among forest and olive groves, with sweeping views over medieval Assisi and the emerald hills of Umbria. We tended a wild garden of rosemary, lavender, fig trees, and many olive trees. During every moment of our lives we were surrounded by the scents and colors of nature.

Madonna del Piatto Agriturismo was a dream which we shared for 20 years with visitors coming to enjoy the unique experience of home hospitality and cooking. In time however, we had to decide to retire and sell.

our old farmhouse in Umbria

We believe that we'll never be too old to learn, to follow a new path.

For us, a new life meant a new dream: living in a vibrant city full of history and culture. A city renown for its delicious food and the warm heart of its people. After much consideration, we took a leap of faith and moved to Rome.

And of course there can hardly be a more exciting place than Rome to find new ways to share the Italian life - la dolce vita - with others.

Madonna del piatto is re-born. May our new life bring plenty of joy to share. Do join us in our new adventure!