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Sicilian orange, black olives and fennel salad

A delightful fennel and orange salad with black olives, bursting with Mediterranean flavors. The recipe features crisp, thinly sliced fennel ribbons, paired harmoniously with juicy orange wedges and savory olives.

Vegetarian spinach cannelloni with porcini mushroom cream

Hello my friends, how have you been? I cooked too much during the holidays and,...

Green broccoli sformato flan with parmesan cream sauce

This is an easy recipe for soft and light Italian broccoli flan (sformatini) served on a delicious Parmesan cream sauce. A perfect appetizer for the holidays and any dinner party!

Vegetarian roasted squash lasagna with pecorino cheese

Deliciously vegetarian, this roasted butternut squash lasagna is light and flavourful with delicate layers of melted cheese.

Cacio e pepe pasta sauce

Easy and quick to make, this Roman classic pasta sauce recipe has only 3 main ingredients: medium aged Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper corns and pasta!

Grilled bell peppers with mint and my new life...

Sweet bell peppers are so good for you because they are rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients. Try this simple salad made with grilled peppers soaked in an aromatic extra-virgin olive oil dressing with garlic and mint.

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