zucchini and sausage risotto

I am sure there must be an ancient proverb saying: whenever you add a good sausage to your food, it will be delicious. I do apply it with restrain so that I can fit through the doors, but it works every time. Of course, you will say. You are in Umbria, you worship sausages. Yes, but there are rules. I don’t buy mass-produced sausages. They … Continue reading zucchini and sausage risotto

Roasted asparagus and pancetta risotto

Ask two Italians what’s the correct way to prepare pasta. You will likely get the same story from each of them: al dente, toss with sauce, serve piping hot. Ask two Italians how to make risotto. You will get 2 stories. Ask 4 of them, you will get 4 stories. Stir, don’t stir. Use only butter, oil’s forbidden. No! olive oil is OK. Condiments at … Continue reading Roasted asparagus and pancetta risotto

cool inkeepers cook

FARROTTO. I am a lucky woman. I am blessed by lots of lovely friends in all corners of the world. Many have all sort of interesting professions and hobbies. Some of my coolest friends, Diana, Corinna, Giulia, Gloria, Rebecca, are innkeepers, just like me. We are the new career girls, we have first gone  into complicated studies at  prestigious universities and/or a career in entomology, … Continue reading cool inkeepers cook