Home-made Ladyfingers

The real Italian heart beats in the peasants. Somewhat our royals have been always underwhelming. Take our former Savoy kings, for example. It is said that ladyfingers – savoiardi in Italian – have been created at the court of Amadeus VI duke of Savoy in honor of Charles V king of France. As the story goes, the head baker of Savoy was asked to invent something … Continue reading Home-made Ladyfingers

spinach and pasta “vellutata” soup

This is a healthy, refreshing and quite good-looking soup. “Vellutata” means “velvety” in Italian, referring to the creamy consistency of the soup. I make it when I desperately need a nutritious and light meal in hardly any time. I often keep a bag of pre-washed spinach in the fridge, but a bag of good quality organic frozen spinach  woudl be perfectly acceptable. This recipe gives … Continue reading spinach and pasta “vellutata” soup