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Torta di Pasqua, an Umbrian Easter bread

When I was a child in the late 1960s many homes, including the one of my Umbrian grandmother, didn’t have an oven and took their bread to the bakery for cooking. Easter was an especially busy time, with women preparing Torta di Pasqua, a leavened cheese bread traditionally served for our hearty Easter breakfast. In…… Continue reading Torta di Pasqua, an Umbrian Easter bread

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savory cauliflower crostata

Does cauliflower count for detox? That’s what we are supposed to do for at least one week in January, isn’t it? Have you done the salad treatment and figured it’s bad for you since there’s a foot of snow outside? It’s too cold for self-inflicted punishment. I am so glad is not bikini time yet.…… Continue reading savory cauliflower crostata

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tagliolini with almond pesto and broad beans

TAGLIOLINI WITH PESTO AND BROAD BEANS. Umbrians love broad beans, fave. As soon as it’s spring, crates of the long green pods start to appear in markets and shops. Those who are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden will pick the young and tender ones and give bagfuls to their neighbors as a gift.…… Continue reading tagliolini with almond pesto and broad beans