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chicken alla cacciatore a.k.a hunter style “in bianco”

I spent my youth in a huge house overlooking my hometown Perugia. My parents where civil servants and in their free time took care of the large garden, the olive trees and the pets. To be precise, my father took care of breeding the pets and my mother fought against the proliferation of pets. We… Continue reading chicken alla cacciatore a.k.a hunter style “in bianco”

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no-cook pasta sauce with tuna and cherry tomatoes

This pasta is good for: when there is no time to make dinner but you still want real food the pantry is empty (or almost) it’s Monday you are on low cal before leaving for holidays returning from holidays unexpected informal dinner guests whenever This pasta has a sad version and a happy version. To… Continue reading no-cook pasta sauce with tuna and cherry tomatoes

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pasta alla puttanesca

PUTTANESCA aka THE WHORE’S SAUCE. With a name like this you can only expect something spectacular. There are several metropolitan legends that try to explain the peculiar name. The one that makes more sense to me refers to prostitutes not having time or opportunity to shop and therefore making a quick sauce with ingredients available… Continue reading pasta alla puttanesca