orange scented custard with flambé berries

There is always a point in the winter when I can’t eat one more apple. When I go to the market I longingly look at those petrified mangoes dreaming of their sexy flavor. Just for once, I tell them, could you please have some  flavor? I hopefully examine those half-white strawberries. No hope. I don’t even look at the plastic plums. It’s February for heaven’s … Continue reading orange scented custard with flambé berries

quick Béchamel sauce

According to food historians sauce was used in 200 A.D. by the Romans to disguise the taste of food and possibly to conceal lack of freshness. In contrast with what  has been done in the last couple of thousand years, modern Italian cuisine  makes scant use of sauces. A sauce is now intended as a subtle background to a combination of the freshest possible ingredients. … Continue reading quick Béchamel sauce