tiramisu with white peaches

white peach and rose-water tiramisu

I don’t know how a fruit can be so exotic and still grow here, not too far from my magical mountain. I adore peaches and nectarines in every color and shape, but I have a soft spot for the slightly spiced bouquet of velvety white peaches. I generallly don’t feel the need to make a peach dessert, if they are ripe, they don’t need to … Continue reading white peach and rose-water tiramisu

springtime berry tiramisu

Life is sweet in Umbria right now. Spring is here in all its over-the-top beauty. There are flowers everywhere, I can practically see the plants growing. In fact, it feels almost like summer, warm, bright and full of promise. We are busy at the moment. Planning an Olive Harvest celebration for next autumn. Planting rosemary bushes outside the new vacation rental which is almost ready … Continue reading springtime berry tiramisu

limoncello melon mousse

This dessert is like a bite of summer and I am proud of it as it’s my personal creation. It’s a love story between a limoncello based fruit salad and a delicate panna cotta. Recipe Mousse: g 150 (5 oz) cleaned cubed cantaloupe melon 2 sheets gelatin 70 gr. ( ¼ cup)  sugar 150 ml ( 2/3 cup) whipping cream ½ teasp vanilla extract Garnish: … Continue reading limoncello melon mousse