chocolate hazelnut bacio gelato

It’s 1901 and Luisa Spagnoli – the daughter of a fishmonger – opens  with her husband  a small confectionery business in the center of Perugia. She will become one of the most eminent business persons in Italy, founder of the Perugina chocolate factory. The women’s fashion clothing brand which has her name still, after almost 90 years, represents a standard of Italian elegance in the … Continue reading chocolate hazelnut bacio gelato

Home-made Ladyfingers

The real Italian heart beats in the peasants. Somewhat our royals have been always underwhelming. Take our former Savoy kings, for example. It is said that ladyfingers – savoiardi in Italian – have been created at the court of Amadeus VI duke of Savoy in honor of Charles V king of France. As the story goes, the head baker of Savoy was asked to invent something … Continue reading Home-made Ladyfingers

salted almond praline gelato

GELATO ALLA PANNA CON PRALINA AL CARAMELLO SALATO. I must confess I generally am not a fashionable cook. On the contrary, I am a firm believer in tradition and repetition. The simpler a recipe, the better. And, if it’s been invented already and everybody knows it, then I am probably not going to be able to improve it. I have been ignoring fusion food of … Continue reading salted almond praline gelato