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grilled lemon-and-garlic marinated eggplants

I think nobody who doesn’t know me already is ever going to find this recipe. There’s 1 million and 970 thousand hits for “grilled eggplants” on Google. With more than 2 million people out there who can grill eggplants this is probably going to be slightly redundant. The thing is, I did not grow up… Continue reading grilled lemon-and-garlic marinated eggplants

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baked anelletti pasta timbale with melt in the mouth eggplants

PASTA INCASCIATA. When it gets as cold as it is now here, I need to dream of the sun. Or of sunny food. This recipe is for those of you who still have summer somewhere, probably very far from here. It’s a vibrant dish, with all the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. To get… Continue reading baked anelletti pasta timbale with melt in the mouth eggplants

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I’m going eggplant

Eggplant, aubergine, has been around the Mediterranean for more than 500 years. No wonder this luxurious vegetable of Indian origin became a staple of Sicilian cooking. In a land too dry and warm to support large-scale cattle breeding, meat was an expensive rarity. Peasants in Southern Italy lived on a basic diet of olive oil,… Continue reading I’m going eggplant