the red wine risotto and how life changes in one day

There are days that change your life. Have you ever wondered why so much of our lives is spent waiting for a situation to change? Those days you wait so long for, they finally happen. This – in one or another way – is often a relief. In fact, for a few minutes, even hours if you are lucky, you don’t hang over the unknown. … Continue reading the red wine risotto and how life changes in one day

“priest chokers” made with farro flour

STROZZAPRETI.  Priest stranglers? Isn’t this a crazy name? Sounds like a recipe of the Swedish Chef . The origin of the name is unclear but it is surely evocative of our farmers’ long suffering under centuries of papal domination. Having to part with hard earned food as a tax, they wished the greedy clerics to choke on it. The strozzapreti are short, eggless noodles, not … Continue reading “priest chokers” made with farro flour

pickled watermelon rind

I am always grateful for a new good recipe. Each new recipe is a true slice of happiness for me. It becomes part of my life, I will make over and over again, I will warmly recommend it to others. Immodestly – and despite all my experiments –  I have to confess that rarely I find something that is so memorable, simple and intense that … Continue reading pickled watermelon rind

Fried artichokes

In Italy, when the first young artichokes appear in the markets you start to hope that winter is  getting to an end. An artichoke is a flower bud. A fresh artichoke is bright and unblemished, leaves are tightly packed. If the flower starts to open the artichoke will be full of choke and the leaves will be stringy, tough and virtually inedible. Recipe juice of … Continue reading Fried artichokes