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the antimafia and other very good pasta

“GO BUY  ME A KILO PASTA, WILL YOU?????” This Italy here  is a crazy country and always will be, but important priorities are respected. A good bowl of pasta is  hardly ever refused. So easy,  so good, so comforting. It’s in our genes, in our blood, it’s the mother of foods. Pasta comes first, not…… Continue reading the antimafia and other very good pasta

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making fresh pasta: ingredients

FLOUR is a fashionable ingredient nowadays. In the last couple of years a variety of flours has appeared  in Italian food shops, even here in the province!  Manitoba, spelt, rice, barley, chick peas flours. Flour for pizza, flour for flat breads, flour for… you-name-it-it’s-there. However, the average Italian home cook uses two types of  white…… Continue reading making fresh pasta: ingredients