Rocciata is a delicious Umbrian style strudel filled with apples, raisins, aniseed and nuts then sprinkled with alkermens liqueur

Assisi’s apple and olive oil strudel

No. You are not pretty my dear, not even in that red dress. Before baking you, I asked “frog, will you please turn out into a princess?”. I know frogs are supposed to turn out into a prince, but this one wasn’t promising. Besides, in the fairy tales princes tend to be clad in white. So you stayed frog, thank you very much. You’re flavorful … Continue reading Assisi’s apple and olive oil strudel

spiced grape jelly

I love October in Umbria. Soon the winter sadness will descend on us, but right now colors are working full-time. Everywhere is golden and red. Everything seems to taste sweet, chestnuts, pears, grapes. There’s wonderful grapes everywhere. We are the lucky owners of a 1/2 century old vine-arbor. We don’t make wine with the fruits, too much of a fuss. We just leave the bunches … Continue reading spiced grape jelly

chocolate and ricotta crostata with homemade candied orange

CROSTATA AL CIOCCOLATO.  I can proudly say that this is a family recipe. My family is half Umbrian, half Sicilian. Both regions have great food but when it comes to sweets there is no contest.  Sicilians are blessed by the best sweets ever  invented, cassata, cannoli, panzerotti, martorana, granita, pignolata….oh my. Enter any humble bakery in Sicily and you will feel like in sugar heaven.   … Continue reading chocolate and ricotta crostata with homemade candied orange

pears poached in Vin Santo

PERE AL VINSANTO.  Vin Santo, literally meaning “holy wine,” is a sweet dessert wine traditionally produced in Central Italy and some areas of the North using dried grapes. This is one of my favorite recipes  in Antonio Carluccio‘s book “Italian Feast”. It makes a perfect conclusion to a hearty Umbrian meal of lentil soup followed by  torta al testo with sausages and cime di rapa. … Continue reading pears poached in Vin Santo