baked cardoons

PARMIGIANA DI CARDI. This is a recipe which smells intensely of Christmas to me. It reminds me of my mum, perennially standing in her tiny kitchen, creating complicated wonders. Oddly, she hardly made a sound while cooking for a large party, I could hear her breathing. It reminds me of how my father and I would sneak into the kitchen to steal the fried stems, … Continue reading baked cardoons

the big kicks: sweet fried Christmas ravioli

CHICK PEA AND CHOCOLATE DUMPLINGS. Did you know that ancient Romans  – if poor – were not allowed to cook? Such was the danger of fires that the plebeians were expected to eat in a tavern rather than cook on a rickety brazier. Italian farmers had basic cooking facilities until relatively modern times. Most food was cooked in a clay or copper pot over an … Continue reading the big kicks: sweet fried Christmas ravioli