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Traditional Italian Easter dove bread

COLOMBA PASQUALE FATTA IN CASA. You may not be the most beautiful dove but you have a sweet, buttery heart. You may not be not the softest but I have made you with stone-ground artisan flour, organic sugar and eggs, homemade candied orange peel and only 1/4 teaspoon yeast. I’ve made you with love and all the necessary… Continue reading Traditional Italian Easter dove bread

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chocolate and ricotta crostata with homemade candied orange

CROSTATA AL CIOCCOLATO.  I can proudly say that this is a family recipe. My family is half Umbrian, half Sicilian. Both regions have great food but when it comes to sweets there is no contest.  Sicilians are blessed by the best sweets ever  invented, cassata, cannoli, panzerotti, martorana, granita, pignolata….oh my. Enter any humble bakery… Continue reading chocolate and ricotta crostata with homemade candied orange