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sour-cherry braided brioche

KFP6FY6BC53D I live the strange life of innkeepers, having my Sundays all together in a single dose and enjoying rest and relaxation when the  world seems to be most busy, in the winter. Working 7 or 8 months in a row with no breaks has its disadvantages. However, we also get to have longer holidays… Continue reading sour-cherry braided brioche

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spiced grape jelly

I love October in Umbria. Soon the winter sadness will descend on us, but right now colors are working full-time. Everywhere is golden and red. Everything seems to taste sweet, chestnuts, pears, grapes. There’s wonderful grapes everywhere. We are the lucky owners of a 1/2 century old vine-arbor. We don’t make wine with the fruits,… Continue reading spiced grape jelly