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Umbrian-style panzanella salad

If you ask a food writer who is worth her(his) salt what “authentic” Italian food really is, she will tell you that “authentic” in food does not exists. However, millions of people visit Italy every year not only for its many cultural treasures but to experience the true, original Italian cuisine. So often I have…… Continue reading Umbrian-style panzanella salad

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gluten free bruschetta bread (new and easier version!)

Developing this recipe has been very difficult. And slow. And sometime a little discouraging. It often happens with gluten free cooking, you probably already know it. I have started to experiment with gluten-free flours sometime in 2011 and to try to make GF bread about 2 years later. In September 2013, I got the first…… Continue reading gluten free bruschetta bread (new and easier version!)