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roasted eggplant ricotta dip with fresh zucchini salad

Eggplant. It’s been good to have you through this cruel summer, the hottest and dryest in decades. Sweet, firm, smooth, full of the flavor of Arabian nights. We did a lot of nice things together, hot things. But now it’s over. This is the last time. In a short while you will be spongy, seedy…… Continue reading roasted eggplant ricotta dip with fresh zucchini salad

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I’m going eggplant

Eggplant, aubergine, has been around the Mediterranean for more than 500 years. No wonder this luxurious vegetable of Indian origin became a staple of Sicilian cooking. In a land too dry and warm to support large-scale cattle breeding, meat was an expensive rarity. Peasants in Southern Italy lived on a basic diet of olive oil,…… Continue reading I’m going eggplant