if only she knew….

Weeks ago I received an email from a woman stating the following: “we considered staying at your B&B for our holidays but we have read on your blog that you are planning to renovate the new part of the house and we are afraid the works will disturb us during our stay”. Indeed last May, after a decade of painstaking negotiations and worries, we have … Continue reading if only she knew….

it’s finally my turn: I own a castle and I will even have an office

Today it’s a turning point in my life. I have been waiting for this since 26 December 1996. On that day Ruurd, my husband, and I walked to the top of our beautiful hill in the snow. Here we fell in love with the incredible views of Assisi and the surrounding countryside. Despite the dilapidated aspect of the house, we bought it against the judgment … Continue reading it’s finally my turn: I own a castle and I will even have an office

Happy Easter Monday

Spring is such a crazy special time here. It’s cold, cold, cold. Then one day we wake up and all the little birds are loudly celebrating the first sun. They seem surprised just like us. Look, there’s flowers! forget-me-not! daisies! Isn’t it amazing, one gets surprised every year. Also we innkeepers get out of our cocoon. It’s been too cold to paint, plaster, vacuum, polish, … Continue reading Happy Easter Monday