Assisi, a Unesco World heritage site, is a medieval town of stunning beauty as well as the birthplace of Saint Francis, herald of peace to the world. I live here, I can see it from my windows.

Among the million images of Assisi available out there, I have selected a few videos which I think represent the true atmosphere of our timeless little town.

Summer holidays in Assisi:

Assisi: history, art, festivals, nature

Assisi from the sky (crazy paragliders!)

A spiritual slideshow of the Saint Francis sites

A 3D model of the upper Basilica of Saint Francis

Noa singing Gounod Ave Maria in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis

Assisi is not only famous for the history and architecture but also for the wonderful olive oil produced in the area. Here is my friend Simone of A Road Retraveled visiting an olive grove

A Roadretraveled also provides extensive video coverage of the Calendimaggio, a spectacular medieval festival held in Assisi during the first week of May

Calendimaggio Introduction

Calendimaggio Sbandieratori

Calendimaggio Medieval Life

Calendimaggio Spring Dances