where to find ingredients

marketItalian food has become incredibly popular in the last few years so you can find most ingredients in supermarkets or special shops stocking international imported foods.

Several friends have mentioned that Costco across USA and Canada, as well as Whole Foods Market located all over the USA and in a few locations in the UK are well stocked and therefore a great “one stop shops” for ingredients.

In Ottawa I have been recommended a group of small family owned stores called Nicastro (www.labottega.ca ).

However I understand that not everyone lives in a large metropolitan area or near Little Italy. I don’t need to buy Italian foods online but I have compiled the list below based on the advice of many kind friends who love Italian cooking and have shared their favorite resources:
http://www.amazon.com (00 flour for pasta available)


http://www.bellavitafoods.com (they might be able to provide Sorrento lemons for limoncello)


http://www.dartagnan.com‬ (recommended for meat)







http://www.Italianmade.com (huge list of importers)


http://www.kingarthurflour (for durium wheat= semolina flour)





http://www.pastene.com‬ (very good oils, sundried tomatoes and pesto sauces)

http://www.pennmac.com (overnight shipping for perishables)

http://www.sanmarzanotomatoes.org/canned-brands.html (where to buy canned San Marzano Tomatoes)




http://www.zuccherinitruffels.com‬ (Netherlands)

http://www.waitrose.com (UK)



alla madonna del piatto oil As you probabaly know we produce a limited amount of organically grown extra virgin olive oil which we ship worldwide (not available in 2014).  I encourage you to support small Italian food-related companies by ordering directly from Italy if possible, even if only for special occasions.

In case we run out of olive oil we’ll be happy to pass on the contacts of local friends who might have it, it will be fresh and wonderful. For pasta, truffle sauces, sweets, special chocolate, fabulous pecorino and balsamic vinegar please contact my friend Barbara at Terra Umbra in Santa Maria degli Angeli http://www.terraumbraantica.it

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