Olive oil


At Alla Madonna del Piatto we produce a limited amount of organically grown extra-virgin olive oil which we ship worldwide. Our olive oil is sold out in 2020 but I encourage you to support small Italian food-related companies by ordering directly from Italy if possible, even if only for special occasions. We have a network of friends who produce fantastic olive oil on a small scale and we will be happy to help you order.

Learn more about olive oil:

olive tree cultivation: pruning

olive harvest

a day at the mill

extra virgin or plain?

know your extra virgin, “Italian” is not enough

a Christmas gift

nectar of olives

    the liquid gold only days after pressing  (photo by my friend Noodle )

14 thoughts on “Olive oil

  1. Hi Letizia: We are going to recommend you in the Boston area. So, you may be getting emails. Can’t wait for your October harvest. menehune/cindy


  2. Hello Letizia
    I would like you to know what a wonderful experience I had when I attended your cooking school this fall. My name is Nancy and I came with Alexia from Seattle. I hope that you enjoyed our wine that I brought for you. It usually is an excellent wine but I must say I have a liking for your Italian wines. I have already made pasta and your chicken which was delicious. I am interested in your olive oil. That would be a special treat for myself and gift for friends. Please let me know if I my still purchase some and the cost.
    Hoping to return to Assisi someday.


    1. Hi Nanncy, so lovely to hear from you! The wine was absolutely fantastic. I was particularly impressed by the home-made one as it must have been the best homemade wine I have ever had in my life! Thank you so very much to you all to bring so many bottles here for us, I must say we have enjoyed it enourmously. As for the olive oil, please send me an email at madonnaDP[at]gmail.com and I will give you all details. Thank you! All the best, Letizia


  3. Oh Letizia…. how can I describe the first bite of our bruschetta made with the wonderful olive oil from your trees this year. I can still taste the bite, the smoothness, and the wonderful fragrance. Your oil is very simply exceptional!!!! I am so jealous of you, with your beautiful home, your exquisite views, your fantastic abilities around a kitchen, and now, your oil. i cannot think of enough nouns to describe it completely. Thank you so much for taking us into your home, for showing us your secrets in the kitchen, and for allowing us to live in Italy(just a little) every day, by tasting your oil. Mostly, thank you for your friendship. By far the most precious thing we returned from Italy with!
    Ciao amica mio(I hope that is right).
    A Presto,
    Jeff Masters


    1. what can I say? Jeff I am a lucky person, not only for the views, the house and the cooking, but above all because I meet so many wonderful persosn from all corners of Earth! Thank you for coming all the way here and for bringing your enthusiasm for our land and culture!


    1. Hi Paula! please send me an email at madonnadp at gmail dot com and I will add you to the list. I will write after after harvest in October to all those who are interested and then you can decide to buy! Thanks for asking about the olive oil!


  4. Letzia,

    I would so be interested as well as being put on the list for purchase of your olive oil…Can you please provide me information. I just returned home from Italy, but that was one of the items that I forgot to bring back with me.
    Thank you so much.
    Elizabeth Williams


  5. Letizia
    Our hearts sing for you, your family and the land! You are following your love and it is blossoming!
    Sharon & Gary Donarum/guest Sept.2014


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