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Alla Madonna del Piatto cooking class

Over the years my kitchen has become a place of friendship. How is it that so many people turn out at my door to cook together? And that so many of you – my lovely readers –  will often cook my recipes the very day I publish one?

This is a bigger compliment than any press mention BTW!

I am still bewildered by the fact that my humble kitchen has been listed in National Geographic among “500 extraordinary places where to eat around the globe” and recently I have even appeared on BBC TV. How did it happen? Honestly, I don’t know. Some of you must have made a suggestion in the right place. Thank you all for so much support.

Here are the many ways you can visit my kitchen and join the community of lovers of Italian home food that have become my friends:

  • Come to stay at Alla Madonna del Piatto B&B or vacation rental during your next holiday in Italy and take a cooking class
  • Join one of this year’s tours which I offer in collaboration with exceptional food and wine experts in Umbria
  1. Custom Culinary Trips (available on flexible dates from March to November)
  2. Olive Harvest Wine and Food Tour  (last week in October or first week in November
  3. Fire and Food Tour with known writer and artist Diana Baur, June 2019
  • Buy our olive oil we only produce a very small amount of this  nectar of the gods as my friend Tammy calls it. If you are interested drop me a note at madonnadp[at] and I will add you to a waiting list for the next harvest

And please don’t forget to:

  • Use the “subscribe to this blog by email button” on the homepage, so you won’t miss any new recipes
  • Friend me on Facebook, I often publish recipes and cooking tips that I don’t publish on the blog. Please note that I will friend you only if you send me a message to introduce yourself and if you have an active profile with a real person photo. Please be kind, don’t spam or solicit business to me or my friends.

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4 thoughts on “cooking classes

  1. Hi. I have ordered your book a few days ago from Amazon to a kibbutz in Israel. I read about you, and am very interested in learning more about good healthy Italian cooking with a twist. We are a group of 4 planning our trip to Umbria in mid November this year. Do you still have cooking classes during this period?
    Thank you
    Dorit Noach, Kibbutz Hulda


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