At home in Rome

A truly special cooking experience

making fresh pasta in Rome class

Cooking in my Rome kitchen

Are you ready to experience moments that will last a lifetime?

Spend an idyllic day in our family kitchen in Rome and learn the art of authentic home cooking with your host and cookbook author Letizia Mattiacci.

Immerse yourself in the culture, traditions and endless possibilities of Italian food using a kaleidoscope of market fresh ingredients and top quality condiments.
At the end of the hands-on class, enjoy a convivial 4 courses lunch with wine in our delightful vintage dining room.

Why our cooking classes are special

A personal experience

Almost anywhere in Italy you can join a large group and travel to a commercial kitchen for a cooking class. You will probably prepare the standard menu of bruschetta, hand rolled pasta, classic tiramisu or may be pizza. It will be a fun experience.

However, if you want participate in a true cultural immersion and you wish to learn family recipes - without the help of an English interpreter - you might prefer a private kitchen atmosphere.

Classes at Madonna del Piatto are limited to a very small number of students so everyone can have an interactive and hands-on experience with your instructor and owner Letizia.

The Madonna del Piatto kitchen in Rome was designed to have the feel and look of going to your best Italian friend to learn her secrets.

❝ my life is made of pasta and smiles ❞

small group pasta class in Rome

Culturally immersive

We believe that to master the art of Italian home cooking you need to learn how to make more than just fettuccini and tomato sauce.

Our cooking classes are designed for passionate home cooks as well as professionals who want to learn the properties and secrets of Italian home food and how to use the seasonal ingredients which are so important to Italian cuisine. ​

Your teacher Letizia will reveal how to capture the essence of herbs and condiments to obtain a balanced aroma in your dishes and how to use a classic recipe as a canvas to combine ingredients available throughout the year.

Letizia will also will teach you how to tune to your perception to what a dish needs to be successful.

She will discuss the elements of flavor, breaking down all of the components that go into creating a reliably balanced and delicious dish.


From the moment you arrive at our home, you will feel welcome, comfortable and unintimidated.

Glass of wine in hand, you will cook, laugh and learn skills that you will be using every day at home. The cooking class will feel like a lunch party among friends.

At the end of the experience, you will leave well fed, ready to try the new recipes out on your own and planning your next visit.


fabulous cooking day in Rome