Festa Italiana | Cookbook
Recipes inspired by the festivals and traditions of rural Italy

High quality softcover | Large print, 1st Edition, November 2020
260 Pages | ISBN : 979-1220074285 | €30.00

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How to order if you live in US/Canada
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“Close your eyes. Imagine a sunny garden with a long table laden with delicious food and wine. Picture the views around you, and breathe in the scents of the season. Everyone around the table is happy and relaxed. You have all the time in the world and, for a little while at least, tomorrow is far, far away. You are dreaming of Italy.”

Italians take great pleasure and pride in communal eating, especially if there is something to celebrate. The Italian countryside has a rich and diverse culinary tradition that has evolved around special times of the year such as holidays, harvests and local festivals. With Festa Italiana, the highly anticipated follow-up to “A Kitchen with a View,” Letizia Mattiacci undertakes a culinary journey exploring the traditions of her native Umbria, their cultural significance and memories of family celebrations.

This exploration of festive foods begins with a simple bread and its many wonderful variations, from Torta di Pasqua to Maritozzi, from Pan Nociato to Arvoltolo. Inspired by the seasons and by local events, Letizia presents a variety of dishes from rustic salads to delicate risottos, simple pastas to elegant mains and desserts.

Letizia’s style of cooking is contemporary, seasonal, light, and can be reproduced by anyone who wishes to cook and eat like a true Italian. Over the years her recipes have been enjoyed in many homes around the world by her readers and by the students of Alla Madonna del Piatto cooking school.

Richly illustrated with atmospheric images of village festivals, Italian street life and mouthwatering food photography, Festa Italiana will find a special place in your kitchen and in your heart for joyous parties as well as everyday feasts.

A Kitchen with a View Cookbook by Letizia Mattiacci

A Kitchen with a View | Cookbook
Seasonal recipes from Alla Madonna del Piatto Cooking School in Umbria, Italy

High quality softcover | Large print, 2nd Edition, October 2016 | €30.00

208 Pages | ISBN 979-1220013864

How to order if you live in the European Community
How to order if you live in US/Canada
For other countries please inquire

“Use good quality ingredients in simple combinations. Embrace the rhythm of the seasons. Respect the balance of flavors and textures.”

“A Kitchen with a view” has first been published in April 2015 and it’s now available in its second and self-published edition. “A Kitchen with a view” it’s not only a collection of recipes, it’s a dream come true and an opportunity to tell you about the principles of my cooking phylosophy and about my life in rural Umbria.

Applying these principles to traditional, home-style Italian cooking, I have created a collection of over 60 family-friendly recipes completed by detailed guides to techniques, advice about the quality and choice of ingredients, and stories on local customs and lessons from life. A Kitchen With A View, is a first-hand account of life in the kitchen of a modern Italian family -my family – and could hardly be more authentic.

Madonna del piatto kitchen

Recipes for classics like fettuccini with black truffle, join new interpretations of traditional dishes, such as the Pear-amisu.

As you probably know if you follow this blog, I love to cook light and fresh and my recipes are simple, accessible to anyone who wishes to cook, and eat, like a true Italian.

With beautiful photography of the Umbrian countryside and its enchanting hill-towns, a Kitchen With A View, will instantly transport you into the heart of rural Italy and its people.

The book is now available on Amazon both in North America (they also ship to Canada) and Europe also in ebook format.
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16 thoughts on “Cookbooks

  1. I am searching where I can purchase the cookbook as a gift for my daughter and cannot find it except as an eBook! Please advise


  2. Hello! I have been searching for your cook book however, it appears to no longer be in print or available. Hoping to still be able to purchase one.


    1. Hi Kristina! my book is not out of print but I am temporarely out of stock on Amazon. If you live in Europe I can send you a copy directly. If you live in North America, please contact me at madonnadp at gmail dot com and I will let you know when the books have arrived. Because of the extreme cold in the Midwest I had to wait as much of the delivery services are very much delayed and I did not want to risk for the books to get lost or mistreated in the chaos!


  3. Hello,
    I am studying abroad and heard about this awesome cookbook and thought it would be the perfect gift for my Dad for when I got home. I am leaving next Friday night though and do not know where I can get one besides having to travel to Assisi to do so?


  4. Good afternoon. Your cookbook looks lovely – we spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Umbria last summer and were particularly enchanted by Assisi. Is it possible to order the book directly from you and ship to France? It is a hardback? Best wishes. Leigh


    1. Hi Leigh, yes it is definitely possible, please email me at madonnadp[at]gmail So I anc give you a quote. The book is a paper back but printed with luxury heavy paper, this way it’s cheaper to ship it and still looks beautiful.


      1. Hi

        Thank you for your speedy reply. The book would be posted to :

        3439B Avenue Des Diables Bleu


        Alpes Maritimes



        Would be most grateful for a quote. I am rather concerned on how you cook from a small paperback as it will not stay open at any page. I assume it is published in colour.

        Sorry to be pedantic – but we plan to use this book for cooking , (we are probably about as enthusiastic as you are!) and need it to be a working book.

        Thanks and sorry to be so pedantic.



      2. Dear Leigh,
        it’s my pleasure to explain!
        You can see a slideshow of the book here: Just click on the cover photo and you can see more pictures. The book has about 150 color pictures and it is bound in a special way so it stays open while you use it for cooking. It’s not a small paperback, the format is 21×22 cm.
        I should be able to mail the book to France for approx. 35€ total, please let me know if you are interested and I will be more precise as I have to ask a shipping agent. Thank you for your interest!


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