A Kitchen with a View Cookbook by Letizia Mattiacci

“Use good quality ingredients in simple combinations. Embrace the rhythm of the seasons. Respect the balance of flavors and textures.”

My cookbook has first been published in April 2015 and it’s now available in its second and (proudly) self-published edition. A Kitchen with a view it’s not only a collection of recipes, it’s a dream come true and an opportunity to tell you about the principles of my cooking phylosophy and about my life in rural Umbria.

Applying these principles to traditional, home-style Italian cooking, I have created a collection of over 60 family-friendly recipes completed by detailed guides to techniques, advice about the quality and choice of ingredients, and stories on local customs and lessons from life. A Kitchen With A View, is a first-hand account of life in the kitchen of a modern Italian family -my family – and could hardly be more authentic.

Madonna del piatto kitchen


Recipes for classics like fettuccini with black truffle, join new interpretations of traditional dishes, such as the Pear-amisu.

As you probabaly know if you follow this blog, I love to cook light and fresh and my recipes are simple, accessible to anyone who wishes to cook, and eat, like a true Italian.

With beautiful photography of the Umbrian countryside and its enchanting hill-towns, a Kitchen With A View, will instantly transport you into the heart of rural Italy and its people.

The book is now available on Amazon both in North America (they also ship to Canada) and Europe also in ebook format.
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4 thoughts on “Cookbook

  1. I am searching where I can purchase the cookbook as a gift for my daughter and cannot find it except as an eBook! Please advise


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