pasta e fagioli for pasta lovers

Italians have been bean eaters for thousand of years. Greeks ate lentils. Romans consumed  garbanzo beans and black-eyed peas daily. Common beans arrived in Italy from America with Colombo and returned to America with Italian emigrants and their “pasta fazool”. There are a million versions of “pasta e fagioli”, pasta with beans. The quality of the beans really is important: use beans which are fresh … Continue reading pasta e fagioli for pasta lovers

black-rice and spelt minestrone

MINESTRONE WITH FORBIDDEN RICE AND FARRO. Minestrone is a most democratic recipe, every region, town or family has their own which they will obviously consider as the best.  Regardless of the many variations however,  a good minestrone is  based on the combination of three elements: beans, vegetables and grains cooked in a vegetable or meat stock. In the past, the main ingredients were slow cooked … Continue reading black-rice and spelt minestrone

easy chicken and noodle soup

This is comfort food for those brutal winter days when you need to re-warm your soul. To be honest, I love it so much that I can eat it throughout the year except the middle of the summer. When I make  fresh pasta , I always have enough  left over dough for  some noodles. I generally make tagliolini, i.e.  very narrow fettuccine. When they are … Continue reading easy chicken and noodle soup