zucchini and sausage risotto

I am sure there must be an ancient proverb saying: whenever you add a good sausage to your food, it will be delicious. I do apply it with restrain so that I can fit through the doors, but it works every time. Of course, you will say. You are in Umbria, you worship sausages. Yes, but there are rules. I don’t buy mass-produced sausages. They … Continue reading zucchini and sausage risotto

Italian whole-grain salad

Dear Tomato I want to thank you for existing. For being a fresh, juicy, sweet, fleshy fruit. Ask any Italian “what do you eat during this exhaustingly hot summer”? Tomatoes – they will say – it’s a national obsession. This salad is a way to make a wholesome meal or substantial side dish out of a classic tomato salad. Healthy food does taste good if … Continue reading Italian whole-grain salad

the red wine risotto and how life changes in one day

There are days that change your life. Have you ever wondered why so much of our lives is spent waiting for a situation to change? Those days you wait so long for, they finally happen. This – in one or another way – is often a relief. In fact, for a few minutes, even hours if you are lucky, you don’t hang over the unknown. … Continue reading the red wine risotto and how life changes in one day