Figs caramelized in a spiced wine syrup

Figs preserved in spiced wine syrup

Sometime I wish to have a year that is entirely made of September. This is especially true after the record high temperature of this past summer. However this month is always my favorite as our home is lively with guests who come to visit us from all corners of the world. Most often than not, they spend some time in our kitchen and we always, … Continue reading Figs preserved in spiced wine syrup

how to make pickled squash and other holiday edible gifts

I know it might seem a bit odd to publish a pickle recipe at a time of the year when everyone else is busy with cookies and panettone. But – thanks to generous friends – I have been so pumpkin and squash-rich recently, that I had to develop new ideas. After making squash soup, pumpkin lasagna and sweet and sour pumpkin, I was still left … Continue reading how to make pickled squash and other holiday edible gifts

Elderberry jelly

My father will not touch my elderberry jelly. Despite my assurance that I have been eating it for years and even his beloved granddaughter has had it with no ill consequences, he is still convinced that it’s dangerous. Not even when I tell him that you can buy it in most supermarkets in Switzerland and Germany. What do these Nordics know anyway? Indeed it is … Continue reading Elderberry jelly

Giulia’s elderflower jelly

  Making a jelly from flowers has an alchemic feeling to it. It ‘s not the same as making a jam from fruit. It’s more like making a perfume, except you can eat it. Flowers are ephemeral creatures and so is their scent. The scent we so love is not made for our own pleasure. Actually, it ‘s designed to vaporize into the warm spring … Continue reading Giulia’s elderflower jelly