spaghetti con asparagi

SPAGHETTI WITH (WILD) ASPARAGUS Foraging is all the rage nowadays, but Italians have never stopped these sort of primitive habits. My father has never made a walk for the sake of it in his entire life. He actually drives to my aunt’s house  300 mt away.  For a bunch of wild asparagus however, at 77 he still challenges the Umbrian slopes and the occasional viper. … Continue reading spaghetti con asparagi

penne with broccolo romanesco

ROMANESCO BROCCOLI or CORAL BROCCOLI, it is actually a variant form of cauliflower. Awesomely beautiful, it is also a mathematical plant. Its shape is fractal, meaning that each bud is arranged along a logarithmic spiral and each small spiral participates to a larger spiral to obtain the final form. Fascinating, isn’t it? This recipe – originally from Puglia – is a brilliant exemplification of the … Continue reading penne with broccolo romanesco

baked Sicilian style pasta with eggplants

baked pasta timbale with eggplants and basil (pasta incasciata)

  When it gets as cold as it is now here, I need to dream of the sun. Or of sunny food. This recipe is for those of you who still have summer somewhere, probably very far from here. It’s a vibrant dish, with all the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. To get it right, you do need good sun-ripened eggplants and plenty fresh … Continue reading baked pasta timbale with eggplants and basil (pasta incasciata)

the antimafia and other very good pasta

“GO BUY  ME A KILO PASTA, WILL YOU?????” This Italy here  is a crazy country and always will be, but important priorities are respected. A good bowl of pasta is  hardly ever refused. So easy,  so good, so comforting. It’s in our genes, in our blood, it’s the mother of foods. Pasta comes first, not for nothing we call it primo. Eating store-bought dried pasta … Continue reading the antimafia and other very good pasta