Mushroom and truffle ravioli

This is a truly special ravioli recipe: paper thin fresh pasta filled with sauté mushrooms, ricotta and pecorino cheese, enriched by the unique taste of a Porcini mushrooms sauce and a sprinkle of balck truffle.

Asparagus 101

With all the running around, worries and excitement about the new house I forgot...

Sicilian orange, black olives and fennel salad

A delightful fennel and orange salad with black olives, bursting with Mediterranean flavors. The recipe features crisp, thinly sliced fennel ribbons, paired harmoniously with juicy orange wedges and savory olives.

Green broccoli sformato flan with parmesan cream sauce

This is an easy recipe for soft and light Italian broccoli flan (sformatini) served on a delicious Parmesan cream sauce. A perfect appetizer for the holidays and any dinner party!

Italian whole-grain salad

Dear Tomato I want to thank you for existing. For being a fresh, juicy, sweet,...

Black rice and farro minestrone

Minestrone is a most democratic recipe, every region, town or family has their own...

Friggitelli spring peppers

I am a seasonal-vore. I have developed an aversion for foods that are grown...

Bandiera, an Italian vegetable stir fry

This is my mum's version of the Provençal ratatouille. A dish like this one...

Sartù, a Neapolitan rice timbale

The sartù is one of the most iconic Neapolitan dishes. A shell of rice "in rosso" with tomato sauce, or "in bianco" without tomato hides a spectacular filling of tiny meatballs, sausage, peas, mushrooms, mozzarella, ham. A perfect and different party dish to feed a crowd in true authentic Italian style.

Fresh pasta in a creamy zucchini and saffron sauce

A wonderful creamy saffron pasta recipe — For this easy recipe, the saffron is added to a mixture of stir fried zucchini and ricotta cheese or cream