Whipped ricotta with strawberries and honey

I adore strawberries but this light and easy dessert can be served throughout the...

Figs preserved in spiced wine syrup

Sometime I wish to have a year that is entirely made of September. This...

Medieval apple and olive oil strudel

No. You are not pretty my dear, not even in that red dress. Before...

A Simple Recipe for Candied Orange Peel

Home made candied orange peel are so much better than store-bought. Make your own candied zest with this easy and quick recipe and use this wonderful ingredient dipped in chocolate, diced in a fruitcake, biscotti and other sweet treats.

Chunky Italian-style sweet orange marmalade

Looking for the best orange marmalade recipe? No need to look for Seville oranges, you can use ordinary oranges and a few lemons and obtain a wonderful marmalade with this no fuss recipe from Italy.

Crema diplomatica: Italian style chantilly cream

Learn how to make Crema diplomatica, the Italian version of Chantilly cream. It's a wonderful, easy dessert good for all season and it lends itself to endless variations from topping simply with brown sugar and crumbled cookies to fresh and poached fruit.

Wholegrain fruit crostata tart

It's that time of the year when one day you wake up and suddenly,...

White peach and rose-water tiramisu

I don't know how a fruit can be so exotic and still grow here,...

Spiced grape jelly

I love October in Umbria. Soon the winter sadness will descend on us, but...

Chestnut and mascarpone cream

A super easy concoction of chestnut jam, mascarpone and ricotta, this chestnut cream makes for a quick, yet sophisticated dessert with the flavors of fall.