Limoncello melon panna cotta

Panna cotta is a much beloved molded Italian dessert made with cream and topped with fresh or cooked fruit, chocolate or caramel. This melon panna cotta is my own creation, made by substituting the milk in the classic recipe with pureed fruit. You can use other seasonal fruit like strawberries, peaches or mangos with quite splendid results.

Spiced persimmon and orange jam

PERSIMMONS. I better hurry up and pick them before the frost makes them burst. Every...

White peach and rose-water tiramisu

I don't know how a fruit can be so exotic and still grow here,...

Sicilian orange, black olives and fennel salad

A delightful fennel and orange salad with black olives, bursting with Mediterranean flavors. The recipe features crisp, thinly sliced fennel ribbons, paired harmoniously with juicy orange wedges and savory olives.

Crema diplomatica custard with prosecco strawberries

A light and easy to make strawberry dessert for Easter which requires no baking and tastes fantastic! happy Easter!

Pears poached in Vin Santo

This is delicate dessert using just the right balance of spices that bring out the taste of the pears. Using a dessert wine like Vinsanto or Moscato imparts acidity and floral notes to the final, delicious results.

How to make Candied Citron Peel

Bring your fruitcake and biscotti to the next level with this simple recipe for candied citron. Homemade candied fruit is vastly superior to store bought one and, as an added bonus, you can use organic citrus and avoid artificial additives.

Chunky Italian-style sweet orange marmalade

Looking for the best orange marmalade recipe? No need to look for Seville oranges, you can use ordinary oranges and a few lemons and obtain a wonderful marmalade with this no fuss recipe from Italy.

Whipped ricotta with strawberries and honey

I adore strawberries but this light and easy dessert can be served throughout the...

Figs preserved in spiced wine syrup

Sometime I wish to have a year that is entirely made of September. This...