Tagliolini pasta with almond pesto and broad beans

Pasta with fava beans and pesto, a delicious vegetarian pasta, with tender, young broad beans, almonds, ricotta and basil

Warm bean and tomato salad

Ancient Romans, rich or poor, were quite fond of beans, especially chickpeas and consumed...

Pasta e fagioli for pasta lovers

Pasta e fagioli, simply meaning “pasta and beans”, is a classic and authentic Italian soup made in many ways, with or without tomato, with fresh or dried pasta, with meat in it (e.g. lard or pancetta) or vegetarian.

Chickpea soup with rucola and my new cookbook!

My second cookbook "Festa Italiana" is published! Read all about it and enjoy a colorful bowl of chickpea soup to celebrate!

Black rice and farro minestrone

Minestrone is a most democratic recipe, every region, town or family has their own...

Farro and lentil soup

ZUPPA DI LENTICCHIE E FARRO. Castelluccio di Norcia, in the South-East of Umbria is...

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale is a traditional recipe for the spring in Central Italy. An easy sauce that makes great use of broad beans which are just in season.

White cannellini beans and rainbow chard with roast sausages

An easy sausage and white cannellini bean casserole that can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. Add a healthy dose of steamed greens for extra color and texture.

Garbanzo bean farinata with caramelized onions and rosemary

As you probably know Italians have a long tradition of eating vegan food. You...

Easy Sausage and Lentil Pasta Bake

This hearty pasta dish is mixed with chunks of fantastic Umbrian sausage sausage and lightened up with lentils and wild fennel. It’s then topped with dollops of white sauce and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano, which form a cheesy layer as the pasta bakes.