Bandiera, an Italian vegetable stir fry

This is my mum's version of the Provençal ratatouille. A dish like this one...

Zucchini, Parmigiano and Mint Sformato Flan

This cute zucchini and ricotta sformato (Italian flan) is delicious, gorgeous, and quite easy to make as an appetizer or vegetarian main.

Broccoli meatloaf

Every time I make meatloaf I have to think of my friend AnnMarie. A...

Crema diplomatica: Italian style chantilly cream

Learn how to make Crema diplomatica, the Italian version of Chantilly cream. It's a wonderful, easy dessert good for all season and it lends itself to endless variations from topping simply with brown sugar and crumbled cookies to fresh and poached fruit.

Hot-water pastry spinach pie

Do you already make spinach pie? If you don't, you must hurry as this...

Baked artichokes sformato flan

Artichokes, eggs, and two types of cheese are baked into this wonderful flan, a delicious speciality known in Italy as sformato di carciofi

Tiny pork meatballs with parsley and Parmigiano

PORK MEATBALLS. This is our family's recipe beloved by old and young.  For parties,...

Traditional pressing and extraction of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin Umbrian olive oil is considered one of the best oils in the...

Seasoned breadcrumbs

Hot to make the most delicious, Italian style, breadcrumbs

White cannellini beans and rainbow chard with roast sausages

An easy sausage and white cannellini bean casserole that can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. Add a healthy dose of steamed greens for extra color and texture.