Simple authentic Italian tomato sauce (sugo di pomodoro)

A simple tomato sauce, made with just onion or garlic, good quality canned tomatoes and a sprinkle of herbs is one of the most iconic and beloved recipes of Italy

Green stringozzi noodles with creamy roasted squash and ricotta...

This month has been mellow and nostalgic as it's often in October in Umbria....

Mushroom and truffle ravioli

This is a truly special ravioli recipe: paper thin fresh pasta filled with sauté mushrooms, ricotta and pecorino cheese, enriched by the unique taste of a Porcini mushrooms sauce and a sprinkle of balck truffle.

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale is a traditional recipe for the spring in Central Italy. An easy sauce that makes great use of broad beans which are just in season.

Spaghetti with salmon and brandy sauce

This is a delicious salmon pasta recipe which will give you dinner in less than 30 minutes. Rich in omega-3 as well as flavor it's a perfect treat for the whole family.

Pappardelle with lemon, ricotta and butter sauce

An indulgent pasta al limone recipe, creamy with butter and plenty of Parmigiano cheese as well as with a creamy texture and generous cheese, well balanced by the fresh addition of lemon juice and zest This indulgent pasta al limone recipe boasts a creamy texture and generous cheese, yet remains vibrant and invigorating, courtesy of zesty lemon juice.

Pasta with puttanesca sauce

This is a fabulous recipe with a strange name" the prostitute pasta". There are...

Summer and fall pasta with porcini & peppers

This is a variation of a basic tomato sauce made with the last good...

Fresh pasta in a creamy zucchini and saffron sauce

A wonderful creamy saffron pasta recipe — For this easy recipe, the saffron is added to a mixture of stir fried zucchini and ricotta cheese or cream

Fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms sauce in lots of...

Porcini mushrooms and wine are made for each other. Pasta brings it all together, and the fresh pasta makes it a luxurious dinner. Make this for dinner tonight—even for one!