Pear, pecorino and balsamic ravioli

Mix sweet and crispy pears with sharp pecorino to make the filling for this rich ravioli. Drizzle with creamy balsamic vinegar for a fantastic plate of unforgettable pasta.

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale

Spaghetti with fresh fava beans & guanciale is a traditional recipe for the spring in Central Italy. An easy sauce that makes great use of broad beans which are just in season.

White lasagna with zucchini

LASAGNA BIANCA ALLE ZUCCHINE. You are looking for a zucchini recipe, are you? Are you...

Homemade maltagliati pasta

I have a wonderful 1950 copy of Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book. The first...

Cappelletti pasta

I have been keeping this post for one of those rare days when...

Seven principles to making an easy pasta with vegetables

There seems to be a sizable number of people who abstain from pasta for...

Spinach and ricotta crespelle: savoury crêpes Italian style

I have had friends who wouldn't invite me for dinner because they thought I...

Easy Sausage and Lentil Pasta Bake

This hearty pasta dish is mixed with chunks of fantastic Umbrian sausage sausage and lightened up with lentils and wild fennel. It’s then topped with dollops of white sauce and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano, which form a cheesy layer as the pasta bakes.

Potato gnocchi

How to Make Light and Tender Potato Gnocchi with a creamy gorgonzola sauce.

Gluten-free pasta dough

Pasta is my favorite food in the world. Pasta is sublime and comforting in its...