Braised Artichokes alla Romana

A traditional recipe belonging to the Jewish Roman cuisine, artichokes alla Romana are slowly braised in olive oil with garlic, parsley, and mint.

Farro and lentil soup

ZUPPA DI LENTICCHIE E FARRO. Castelluccio di Norcia, in the South-East of Umbria is...

Brustengolo, an ancient Umbrian olive oil and polenta fruitcake

This is a very rustic and ancient recipe from my hometown Perugia. Not too...

Friggitelli spring peppers

I am a seasonal-vore. I have developed an aversion for foods that are grown...

Lemon marinated zucchini carpaccio salad

A beautiful salad made with raw zucchini, sliced carpaccio-thin and topped with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, pine nuts or almonds and a few drops of honey

Garbanzo bean farinata with caramelized onions and rosemary

As you probably know Italians have a long tradition of eating vegan food. You...

Pasta e fagioli for pasta lovers

Pasta e fagioli, simply meaning “pasta and beans”, is a classic and authentic Italian soup made in many ways, with or without tomato, with fresh or dried pasta, with meat in it (e.g. lard or pancetta) or vegetarian.

Spiced persimmon and orange jam

PERSIMMONS. I better hurry up and pick them before the frost makes them burst. Every...

Panzanella tomato and bread salad

If you ask a food writer who is worth her(his) salt what "authentic" Italian...

Sicilian orange, black olives and fennel salad

A delightful fennel and orange salad with black olives, bursting with Mediterranean flavors. The recipe features crisp, thinly sliced fennel ribbons, paired harmoniously with juicy orange wedges and savory olives.