Special diet

Gluten free bruschetta bread (new and easier version!)

Developing this recipe has been very difficult. And slow. And sometime a little discouraging....

Spiced persimmon and orange jam

PERSIMMONS. I better hurry up and pick them before the frost makes them burst. Every...

Brustengolo, an ancient Umbrian olive oil and polenta fruitcake

This is a very rustic and ancient recipe from my hometown Perugia. Not too...

Whipped ricotta with strawberries and honey

I adore strawberries but this light and easy dessert can be served throughout the...

Tagliolini pasta with almond pesto and broad beans

Pasta with fava beans and pesto, a delicious vegetarian pasta, with tender, young broad beans, almonds, ricotta and basil

Pasta with puttanesca sauce

This is a fabulous recipe with a strange name" the prostitute pasta". There are...

Basic mushroom risotto

  Mushrooms and risotto are a marriage made in heaven. When cooked properly, the earthy...

Lasagna rosettes with Pecorino cheese, black pepper and honey

A delicate and light recipe for lasagna rosettes filled with Pecorino and Parmigiano cheese, baked to perfection and served with a drizzle of honey.

Butternut Squash and Orange Risotto

Creamy butternut squash risotto, a perfect for comfort recipe for autumn. Carnaroli rice, slowly cooked in broth, with onion, braised squash, white wine, butter, rosemary, orange peel, pancetta and Parmesan.

Chestnut and mascarpone cream

A super easy concoction of chestnut jam, mascarpone and ricotta, this chestnut cream makes for a quick, yet sophisticated dessert with the flavors of fall.