Figs and Wine Tiramisù

Hello my friends how are you? Have you had a lovely summer? While the North of Europe has suffered crazy high temperatures this year, we have had one of the mildest summers in ages. I can’t really say it’s been cool, but it’s been nice enough for us to venture out for wonderful day trips. As you might remember, once a year we love to … Continue reading Figs and Wine Tiramisù

recipe for italian fig almond orange biscotti

Spiced almond biscotti with candied orange and figs

Do you remember passionately wanting a unique Christmas gift as a child? One of my first gift-related memories is about wishing a blue teddy bear for Christmas. It must have been 1971 or 72. I even had in mind the exact shade of powder blue I still adore. I have always been a bit odd. I was not interested in a regular teddy bear, I wanted … Continue reading Spiced almond biscotti with candied orange and figs