Whipped ricotta with strawberries and honey

I adore strawberries but this light and easy dessert can be served throughout the...

Pears poached in Vin Santo

This is delicate dessert using just the right balance of spices that bring out the taste of the pears. Using a dessert wine like Vinsanto or Moscato imparts acidity and floral notes to the final, delicious results.

Chestnut and mascarpone cream

A super easy concoction of chestnut jam, mascarpone and ricotta, this chestnut cream makes for a quick, yet sophisticated dessert with the flavors of fall.

Classic tiramisu with coffee, mascarpone & chocolate

The best recipe for tiramisu is the simplest and most authentic. The secret of the recipe is to use its original ingredients: real espresso coffee, Italian mascarpone cheese, good quality lady fingers.

Crema diplomatica: Italian style chantilly cream

Learn how to make Crema diplomatica, the Italian version of Chantilly cream. It's a wonderful, easy dessert good for all season and it lends itself to endless variations from topping simply with brown sugar and crumbled cookies to fresh and poached fruit.

Figs and Wine Tiramisù

Hello my friends how are you? Have you had a lovely summer? While the North...

Tiramisu with poached pears: Pear-amisu

Are you looking for a dessert idea for the holidays? how about tiramisu with pears, a wine syrup and lots of spices for a delightful seasonal treat?

Pannacotta with cold or hot fruit sauce

PANNA COTTA is a delicate dessert of mysterious history and Piemontese tradition. The name...

Homemade vanilla and orange custard with flambé berries

This homemade egg custard recipe is not too rich nor overly too sweet. Make it in the microwave in minutes and serve with fresh fruit

Brown sugar steamed custard

Cooking for me is all about sharing. I have never been alone as long...