Olive oil and wine ciambelline cookies

This is an easy recipe for ring shaped cookies named "ciambelline" in Italian These crunchy cookies are perfect for dipping in wine or tea after a meal. As the dough has no egg or butter they are also vegan and dairy free. Make them with wholewheat flour for an additional healthy touch!

Bottom-of-the-Box Orange Chocolate Cereal Cookies

Have you ever wondered what do with leftover cereal? Make these super easy, delightful, light cookies, good for the Holidays and at any other time of the year.

Spiced almond biscotti with candied orange and figs

Do you remember passionately wanting a unique Christmas gift as a child? One of my...

Christmas the Umbrian way: zuccherini cookies

These ring-shaped Christmas cookies are a simplified version of the sweet fruit breads made in Umbria for holidays and celebrations. Simple and rustic they are great for dunking in your favorite hot drink by the fireplace.

Baci di dama cookies

Here is a simple recipe to make Baci di Dama or Lady's Kisses, Italian buttery hazelnut or almond cookies filled with a layer of dark chocolate. The Baci di Dama Cookies are perfect to serve with cup of espresso or as with dessert wine.

Hazelnut biscotti

The recipe for these cookies  is from my friend Luana who has given it...

Home-made Ladyfingers

The real Italian heart beats in the peasants. Somewhat our royals have been always underwhelming. Take...

Limoncello profiteroles

  If you are under the opinion it might be difficult to make profiteroles, then...

Cauciuni, sweet Christmas fritters filled with chickpeas

CHICK PEA AND CHOCOLATE DUMPLINGS. Did you know that ancient Romans  - if poor -...