Creamy Spinach "Vellutata" soup

A creamy vegetable soup which can be made year round with a wide range of vegetables including spinach, squash, asparagus and mushrooms. Easy, quick and delicious

Braised Artichokes alla Romana

A traditional recipe belonging to the Jewish Roman cuisine, artichokes alla Romana are slowly braised in olive oil with garlic, parsley, and mint.

Basic mushroom risotto

  Mushrooms and risotto are a marriage made in heaven. When cooked properly, the earthy...

Gluten free ravioli

There is so much good food to discover and enjoy.  A lifetime is not...

Bandiera, an Italian vegetable stir fry

This is my mum's version of the Provençal ratatouille. A dish like this one...

Easy Italian chicken and tagliolini pasta soup

How to make tagliolini in brodo, a classic Italian comfort food for winter dinners. Fresh pasta cooked in a light chicken broth and served with a sprinkle of parmigiano, it's to die for!

Cacio e pepe pasta sauce

Easy and quick to make, this Roman classic pasta sauce recipe has only 3 main ingredients: medium aged Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper corns and pasta!

Classic white pasta bake with peas and ham

Pasta al forno (baked pasta) is to Italy what macaroni and cheese is to...

Braided brioche filled with sour cherry preserve

I live the strange life of innkeepers, working 7 or 8 months in a...

Ciaramicola, an Umbrian Easter cake and symbol of love

CIARAMICOLA. I love this cake because it's beautiful and so reminiscent of ancient times. Ciaramicola...