I’m going eggplant

Eggplant, aubergine, has been around the Mediterranean for more than 500 years. No wonder this luxurious vegetable of Indian origin became a staple of Sicilian cooking. In a land too dry and warm to support large-scale cattle breeding, meat was an expensive rarity. Peasants in Southern Italy lived on a basic diet of olive oil, pasta, cheese and vegetables, occasionally fish. Eggplant, enriched by cooking … Continue reading I’m going eggplant

know your extra virgin, think local

If one loves Mediterranean food one loves olive oil. As promised, I will now tell you what to do if you do not live near our deep blue sea and want to make a wonderful bruschetta like that one above. If you are looking for a good quality extra virgin olive oil, you might need to visit several specialty shops or well stocked supermarkets.  If … Continue reading know your extra virgin, think local

good olive oil

This post is dedicated to my friend Morgana who lost her house in Melbourne’s fires last Saturday. Coraggio Morgana! The definition of what is a good olive oil has changed a lot over the last decades in Italy. In the past, the majority of Italians were poor farmers and lived on a simple diet of grains, pulses and vegetables.  In the Center and South of … Continue reading good olive oil

seasoned breadcrumbs

PANGRATTATTO CONDITO. This is an unbelievably useful recipe. One could use it everyday for a different dish as it makes everything yummy. The dry seasoned breadcrumbs can be used to  make meatballs or to coat “cotolette“, thin slices of meat which are subsequently deep fried to golden. Add some olive oil, a teaspoon or two of capers and sprinkle thickly over a fish fillet. Decorate … Continue reading seasoned breadcrumbs