a gluten-free pasta dough which makes me happy

Pasta is my favorite food in the world. Pasta is sublime and comforting in its many forms, colors and textures. For an Italian cook, making pasta represents the very essence of cooking. It’s not only a habit, a tradition, a requirement. It’s deeper than that. It’s art. It’s in our genes. Changing from a cornucopia of variety and flavors to gluten-free foods has lead me … Continue reading a gluten-free pasta dough which makes me happy

asparagus 101

With all the running around, worries and excitement about the new house I forgot to post my April article in The American in Italia magazine featuring another of my favorite recipes, Parmesan and asparagus eggs. Please remember that if you don’t have wild asparagus or the season is over, you need to choose fairly thin green asparagus and use them as soon as possible so … Continue reading asparagus 101

pasta for beginners

Pasta is such a convenient food and it’s made in a million ways all over the planet. Accordingly, it will taste everything from boring, to vibrant, from disgusting to heavenly. Don’t believe anybody who tells you they don’t like pasta. Most likely they have not tasted the real thing. Sorry to be smug, but the real thing is made and cooked like Italians do. We … Continue reading pasta for beginners

the 5th taste

  Did you ever ask yourself why some Italian foods have become universally accepted? Nowadays pizza, tomato sauce, lasagne, cured olives, prosciutto can be found  in the most unsuspected corners of the globe. There are many historic and cultural reasons for this phenomenon. It’s delicious food, you will think. Convenient, yes. Kid friendly, great. But what else? Umami. Umami, a Japanese word meaning “savoriness”, is … Continue reading the 5th taste

the antimafia and other very good pasta

“GO BUY  ME A KILO PASTA, WILL YOU?????” This Italy here  is a crazy country and always will be, but important priorities are respected. A good bowl of pasta is  hardly ever refused. So easy,  so good, so comforting. It’s in our genes, in our blood, it’s the mother of foods. Pasta comes first, not for nothing we call it primo. Eating store-bought dried pasta … Continue reading the antimafia and other very good pasta