Sicilian pidoni: small calzoni with curly endive

  PIDONI FRITTI ALLA MESSINESE. The Pitoni or Pidoni are parcels of a pizza-like dough, stuffed with curly endive, mozzarella and a tiny bit of anchovy. Not dissimilar to calzoni but fried, they are a typical and most appreciated dish from Messina. In Sicily, you can find them in the friggitorie, the Italian equivalent of fish and chips shops. The dough it’s made with more … Continue reading Sicilian pidoni: small calzoni with curly endive

sour-cherry braided brioche

I live the strange life of innkeepers, working 7 or 8 months in a row with no breaks.  However, we also get to have longer holidays in December and escape the cold to sunny and exotic corners of the world. Another advantage is that I don’t feel guilty for having stuffed myself with all sorts of holidays sweets. I did not, I suffered through tropical … Continue reading sour-cherry braided brioche

slow dough focaccia

This simple onion Focaccia bread is Umbria’s best flat bread. A crispy and light yeasted crust is topped with tender onions and flavored with olive oil and sage. I have always been one for slow things. My husband makes fun of me because when he tells me a joke I laugh 5 minutes later. Years ago I have embraced the Slow Travel movement. It was … Continue reading slow dough focaccia

home-made pizza

HOMEMADE PIZZA. In Italy, the term pizza is generally used to indicate a flat bread which can be stuffed or topped with all sorts of ingredients.  In Central Italy, pizza is also  a panettone-shaped bread traditionally made for Easter.  No news so far, all Mediterranean populations have been eating flat breads for at least 3000 years. Things changed when, at the end of 1700, someone … Continue reading home-made pizza