Lazy Basil Eggplant Sformato

I remember being on a plane a long time ago, probably on my way to a conference or other project abroad. The gentlemen on my left side was flying somewhere to embark on a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the legendary train line which is connecting Moscow with Vladivostok since 1916. He was alone, a middle-aged man. I hardly remember his face, but what he … Continue reading Lazy Basil Eggplant Sformato

Bucciotto, a cheese-bread doll for Easter

Easter in Umbria is not for those with a delicate constitution. A cheese-egg-meat-wine-chocolate binge starts at 9 am on Easter Sunday with breakfast and ends into a food induced coma sometime at 5 pm. By then, some of the aunties are passing around giant mounds of broken chocolate eggs and slices of colomba just in case you have developed a new appetite. They are ruthless. … Continue reading Bucciotto, a cheese-bread doll for Easter

wild fennel and cucumber soup

cold wild-fennel and cucumber soup

August is a long, slow month in Umbria. Most of the world seems to be somewhere else. Italians flock to the beach and everybody else believes it’s not a good time to be here so it’s very quiet here on our magical mountain. Every evening at sunset we sit on the terrace with a glass of beer – we love craft beers recently – and … Continue reading cold wild-fennel and cucumber soup