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hot-water pastry spinach pie

Do you already make spinach pie? If you don’t, you must hurry as this is the simplest one-dish dinner you can make besides a plate of pasta. I learned the original Serbian recipe from my artist friend Natasa Karanovic when we were living the bohemian life in the country of windmills and houseboats. Ah, the…… Continue reading hot-water pastry spinach pie

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how to make pickled squash and other holiday edible gifts

I know it might seem a bit odd to publish a pickle recipe at a time of the year when everyone else is busy with cookies and panettone. But – thanks to generous friends – I have been so pumpkin and squash-rich recently, that I had to develop new ideas. After making squash soup, pumpkin…… Continue reading how to make pickled squash and other holiday edible gifts

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how to cook artisan polenta (with sausages)

Quick? Did I say quick? No, I didn’t. I do however say divine, comforting, luscious, creamy, heart warming. Making a good polenta is a bit like making love. Slow and careful is generally better than plasticky and prepackaged. Tubes are for losers. I mean, polenta tubes. I hate them, they taste like soap. I do…… Continue reading how to cook artisan polenta (with sausages)

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chunky Italian-style sweet orange marmalade

I have made a scientific study of making marmalade with sweet oranges. Bid deal – you will say – the whole world makes marmalade! Indeed, but the “famous” British-style marmalade is made with bitter oranges. However, there are no bitter oranges in rural Umbria. We grow no oranges at all actually, it’s too cold. Try…… Continue reading chunky Italian-style sweet orange marmalade