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Lemon Baked Fish With Garlic and Parsley Breadcrumbs

White fish fillets  breaded with herb, parsley and Parmesan breadcrumbs, then baked on a bed of lemon slices. Happy Holidays my friends! I hope you are preparing for days filled with delicious food, family, friends. Above all I wish you a few moments of rest and relaxation in whichever way you like. Christmas is Umbria is quiet…… Continue reading Lemon Baked Fish With Garlic and Parsley Breadcrumbs

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Stuffed Roast Turkey Porchetta Style

Boneless Turkey leg, rolled with guanciale or pancetta, herbs, juniper berries and garlic, and roasted with onions and balsamic. Perfect for a holiday meal! Hello dear friends, how are you? at Alla Madonna del Piatto we are finally at the end of the season and enjoying the first few days of rest and free time…… Continue reading Stuffed Roast Turkey Porchetta Style