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Stuffed Roast Turkey Porchetta Style

Boneless Turkey leg, rolled with guanciale or pancetta, herbs, juniper berries and garlic, and roasted with onions and balsamic. Perfect for a holiday meal! Hello dear friends, how are you? at Alla Madonna del Piatto we are finally at the end of the season and enjoying the first few days of rest and free time…… Continue reading Stuffed Roast Turkey Porchetta Style

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Green stringozzi noodles with creamy roasted squash and ricotta sauce

This month has been mellow and nostalgic as it’s often in October in Umbria. While still reeling after a summer of record-high temperatures, we have enjoyed a string of magnificent sunny days and Technicolor sunsets. It’s been like a balm for body and soul. We miss our own olive harvest. The extreme temperatures and drought…… Continue reading Green stringozzi noodles with creamy roasted squash and ricotta sauce

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Lazy Basil Eggplant Sformato

I remember being on a plane a long time ago, probably on my way to a conference or other project abroad. The gentlemen on my left side was flying somewhere to embark on a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the legendary train line which is connecting Moscow with Vladivostok since 1916. He was alone, a…… Continue reading Lazy Basil Eggplant Sformato