truffle carbonara spaghetti

Truffle carbonara

Spaghetti with carbonara sauce is a classic and easy Italian dish, made by coating pasta in a creamy sauce of eggs, cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. Carbonara served with a few slices of truffle appears regularly in the menus of Umbrian restaurants and will make you feel like you are on vacation in our beautiful region. Learn how to combine the right ingredients for a carbonara sauce with a silky texture, and avoid to accidentally scrambling the eggs in the process. Continue reading Truffle carbonara

Lemon Baked Fish With Garlic and Parsley Breadcrumbs

White fish fillets  breaded with herb, parsley and Parmesan breadcrumbs, then baked on a bed of lemon slices. Happy Holidays my friends! I hope you are preparing for days filled with delicious food, family, friends. Above all I wish you a few moments of rest and relaxation in whichever way you like. Christmas is Umbria is quiet and beautiful as usual. We stay away from the shopping … Continue reading Lemon Baked Fish With Garlic and Parsley Breadcrumbs